1992 Toyota Pickup Fuel Filter Toyota Repair

Toyota Pickup Fuel Filter

Irene C and her 1992 Toyota Pickup

1992 Toyota Pickup Fuel Filter

My 1992 Toyota Pickup has a lot of sentimental value to me. It belonged to my father who recently passed and I inherited the little truck. When I tried to drive it I noticed that it just didn’t run right. It’s too old to take to the dealer so I needed to find a Toyota dealer alternative.  My son suggested I take it to Val and Mike’s Auto Repair Huntington Beach. He and his girlfriend had been taking their cars there for a while now and were very pleased with the service, so I called them up and they told me to bring it in. The Toyota expert mechanic checked the truck and recommended we start by replacing the fuel filter and cleaning the injectors. I was pleased with how quickly they had found the problem and called me with the estimate. I approved the repairs and now Dad’s little truck is running great! Thanks to all the people at Mike’s Auto Repair for the excellent service!

Mike’s Auto Repair Huntington Beach at 714-375-3145 is your Toyota Expert in Huntington Beach. Let us diagnose and repair your 1992 Toyota Pickup fuel filter.

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