Coolant Leak Repair 1997 Ford Explorer

Coolant leak

Liz P and her 1997 Ford Explorer

Coolant Leak Repair 1997 Ford Explorer

My 1997 Ford Explorer has been a very good car for me. She hasn’t needed very much in repairs, I have been lucky. I had taken her to Val and Mike’s Auto Repair once before when I had a problem and they did such a great job for me that when I needed help again I took it right back to them. I noticed a steady stream of coolant leaking from my car so I took it right to the shop. The Ford expert mechanics checked it and found that the intake manifold was leaking and I needed to replace the gasket. I approved the repair and they went right to work! I had my car back the following day. Now she is running great and not leaking anymore! They also performed a complete inspection and let me know that there wasn’t really anything else she needed right now. That made me feel so good to know that my car is reliable.  It is so nice to have a repair shop that I trust to take care of my car and me! Elizabeth P. Huntington Beach

Val and Mike’s Auto Repair want to help you with coolant repairs on your 1997 Ford Explorer. Give us a call at 714-375-3145 to set up an appointment.


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