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Ford Explorer check engine light

Kathy May Ford Explorer

1996 Ford Explorer Check Engine Light

I found Mike’s Auto Repair in 2008 and I am glad I did. I have brought my1996 Ford Explorer and my husband’s 2003 Ford F-150 for regular service. My Explorer has had issues with the check engine light for years. Whenever that light comes on I head for Mike’s Auto Repair. They are always able to diagnose the problem and explain the repair to me in an easy understandable way. This time it needed a vapor management valve.  Mike and his staff know that I own and operate Kathy May’s Restaurant, and that I have a very busy schedule. They always do their best to get my car finished and back on the road for me as soon as possible. I really appreciate the great customer service I get at Mike’s Auto Repair.

Let Mike’s Auto Repair at 714-375-3145 help you with your 1996 Ford Explorer check engine light diagnosis and repair.

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