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Honda Repair in Huntington Beach & All Orange County

Honda Repair in Huntington Beach & All Orange County

Honda Repair Huntington Beach, Orange County

Honda is renowned in the automotive industry for reliable and safe cars and trucks, but no matter what make, model or year Honda you have at some point it will need scheduled maintenance services and/or repairs.  For that you will need an experienced, honest and reliable mechanic to provide you the factory maintenance services and repairs to keep your Honda dependable.  Mike’s Auto Repair Huntington Beach is the auto repair and maintenance service expert for your Honda car or truck.  We have a team of experienced mechanics that can perform from the simplest Honda service as an oil change to a more complex repair like a timing belt.

We are AAA approved, offering “Show Your Card and Save” savings, with ASE Technicians and Master Technicians that will provide excellent service and repairs on your Honda.  We stand behind our work with our 12 month, 12K mile warranty and proud to be a part of the Napa Peace of Mind Program along with the AC Delco Consumer Assurance Program which assures the repairs we perform are covered anywhere in the USA.

Mike’s Auto Repair Huntington Beach is family owned and operated, celebrating our 17th year in the automotive business.  Our mission is to get your Honda car or truck repair done right the first time and to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and estimate so you can make informed and affordable choices.

Honda Factory Maintenance

Your Honda automobile would benefit from regular factory maintenance services.  Regular schedule maintenance will keep your Honda car, truck or SUV safe and reliable for many years.  Mike’s Auto Repair offers Oil and Filter Changes, Factory Maintenance 30K, 60K and 90K Services, Air Conditioning Service and Repair, Alignment and Suspension, Brake Repair, Check Engine Light, Timing Belt, Water Pump, Axles, Radiators, Hoses and Belts, Battery, Alternator, Starter and Electrical, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Power Steering Pump, Power Steering Hose, Engine Tune-up, Transmission Fluid Exchange, Coolant Service, Head Gaskets, Heater Repair and more for these Honda models:

Honda Accord LX, Honda Accord Crosstour, Honda Civic LX, Honda CR-V, Honda CR-Z, Honda Element EX, Honda Fit Sport, Honda Insight LX, Honda Odyssey LX, Honda Pilot LX, Honda Ridgeline

We invite you to contact us today for all your Honda repairs and Honda maintenance services.  For immediate assistance please call 714-375-3145 or fill out our Honda repair contact form.

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