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Ann D and her 2001 Lexus ES 300

2001 Lexus Repair

“My Lexus mechanic retired and I was in need of a good automotive repair center that could work on my 2001 Lexus ES300. Mike was referred to me by a good friend and he has been a good referral.  I find it easy to make appointments with Lisa or Val.  When servicing my Lexus they thoroughly inspect it yet respect my schedule and get me in and out in a timely manner.    They are friendly and provide original Toyota parts at my request.  I originally lived in Fountain Valley, but recently moved to Long Beach and I still continue to have my Lexus serviced and repaired at Mikes.” Ann D.

Let Mike’s Auto Repair at 714-375-3145 help you with your 2001 Lexus ES300 Maintenance and Repairs.

Val Schepens

About Val Schepens

Val is the manager of day to day operations at Mike's Auto Repair Huntington Beach. Click here to read more about Val Schepens.

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