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Saturn Vue oil leak

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2004 Saturn Vue oil leak

Check and advise for oil coming out of tail pipe and using 1 quart of oil per hour.  That is one of our most concerning tows this year and extremely unusual symptoms for a 2004 Saturn Vue.  Our first thought was severe engine damage.  It was being towed in from the Chevrolet dealer and their recommendation to the customer was to tear down the engine for inspection.  Once the car was at the shop and we drove it in the building there was a horrendous noise coming from the engine in the timing cover area.   The first thing we checked was the oil pressure and found it low.

After inspecting the 2004 Saturn VUE, Mike decided to call Noelle directly to get a clear understanding of what happened at the dealer.  It turns out that she went to the dealer for her “free” oil change service a few days ago.  When her vehicle started making noise and loosing oil, she brought it back to the dealer.  After their initial inspection their recommendation was to tear into the engine and quoted her a starting price of$1,200.  Noelle looked us up on Google Saturn Auto Repair Huntington BeachThere she read our customer reviews and our experience with Saturns and decided to have her Saturn VUE towed to Mike’s Auto Repair.

After our initial inspection and testing the oil pressure we decided it best to start from the beginning with removing the oil filter and drain the remaining oil.  There lied Noelle’s problem – the oil filter.  The canister oil filter seemed to have been installed incorrectly with the tip of the canister cocked and bent to one side causing the severe oil pressure leak – lack of oil pressure in the engine causing low oil pressure.  We installed a new oil filter, filled the vehicle with oil, ran the engine and test drove.  The car drove without any problem.

As we explained to Noelle, these sorts of things happen occasionally when working with parts or even human error.  Where the difference lies with us is how it is handled.  The first thing in auto repair 101 is recheck the work that was recently done especially if it is in relation to the last repair.  Many times it is something different, but again there are times when it is related.

Noelle is very pleased that her Saturn did not sustain any damage and it was quickly diagnosed and repaired by Mike’s Auto Repair.  We suggested as a courtesy that the dealer should be informed of the faulty oil filter.  This will protect her in case there is any unforeseen damage to the engine from their mistake and we explained professional businesses appreciate being notified when something is installed incorrectly so they can follow-up to insure that this could not happen again.  Noelle agreed and will contact them, but says she is a Mike’s Auto Service customer for life.

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